Shiels Computer Services Ltd.

Software Design, Development and Maintenance

Shiels Computer Services, founded in 1994, offers contract software design, development and maintenance services across a wide range of embedded systems and on Windows and Linux platforms.

With 20+ years professional software design and development experience, we can deliver high-spec, cost effective solutions to your requirements.

A key feature of our software development service is our hardware and embedded debugging expertise. We understand how, where and when software interacts with your hardware.

We can bring the following experience to your projects:

  • Embedded Skills:
    • First silicon embedded software debugging using oscilloscope, logic analyser and trace tools
    • Advanced embedded software profiling, code coverage and optimisation
    • Embedded hardware diagnostics
    • Flash programming

  • Embedded Devices: Developing on a wide range of 8/16/32 bit processors including:
    • Atmel AVR32
    • Freescale (ex-Motorola) MPC55xx/PowerPC/68HCxx
    • ARM7/9
    • Infineon TriCore
    • Philips HiPerSmart/PNX/PR (MIPS ISA)
    • Philips 80C51-XA
    • Mitsubishi MELPS 77xx
    • AMD186
    • Various 8051 processors

  • Embedded C/C++:
    • GNU GCC
    • IAR Embedded Workbench
    • WindRiver Diab
    • GreenHills MULTI
    • Metrowerks CodeWarrior
    • TASKING CrossView
    • MetaWare
    • Keil
    • Cosmic
    • ByteCraft eTPU

  • Embedded Assembler:
    • Bootrom code
    • Interrupt servicing
    • Low-level highly optimised routines

  • Debugging/Communication Interfaces:
    • JTAG, BDM, OCDS, Nexus
    • CAN, RS232, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth

  • Windows Development:
    • Visual C++, MFC, ATL, COM, ADO, DAO
    • C#, .NET, Visual Studio 2005
    • Multithreading
    • Communications drivers
    • SourceSafe
    • LINT

  • Linux:
    • GCC, GDB, GDBServer
    • USB drivers

  • Object File Formats:
    • ELF, DWARF, COFF, Stabs, Hex, SRec, IEEE695.

  • Web:
    • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, AJAX.

Contact Details:

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Patrick Shiels at:

Shiels Computer Services Limited
Coolshinagh, Kilbrittain,
Co. Cork, IRL.
Tel: +353 23 49916

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